Sunday, January 18, 2009

Man's Best Friends

My girlfriends are my best friends but the photo I was trying to upload, a group shot of us twenty years ago--still slim, still pretty, all in our mid thirties, is a pdf file & I can't get it to work. Soooo, here's a nice photo of my dog, Dewey, we call him Sideways Dog, and my beloved cat, Maggie. Along with our female dog & eldest pet, Zoe, they are a pack. They are not my pack, they are my husband's pack. They follow him around, yes, all of them, like, well, like dogs. Even the cat, the creature I love most in the house, loves my husband more than me. He says it's because he feeds them, plays with them, walks them, etc. He's probably right. I do, however, wish the cat could be my very special pet. I love her beyond reason. She's so adorable. She's smart, she's tiny (only 6 lbs) and she's the most beautiful cat I've ever seen. Perfect conformation and markings and she's a pound kitty.

All our animals are pound animals or strays. We just don't do the expensive pedigree route. What's the point? With 25 million animals unwanted & put down each year, why not save one or two or three? They are always grateful, always needy, always unconditionally loving. I hate to bring President-elect Obama into this but, he should be getting a pound animal, regardless of his daughter's allergies. It would be another show of inclusiveness and caring for the unwanted and the forgotten.

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Lover of Life said...

Our next one will be a pound puppy. And our dog, Lucy, loves my husband more, too! I keep saying I'm going to get one that loves me best!


by Cole Scott