Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Wow! There are so many things to write about now. Between the direction of the election, the hurricane devastation in Galveston, the free falling stock market and the new television season...I don't know which disaster on which to concentrate. I will say I am pleased with the opening night of SNL. It was all I hoped for...and more. Other than that, the majority of the new season sucks with weird shows like: Lipstick Jungle (??), 90210 (loved the original but a new one with even more sex among impressionable teenagers?), Dirty, Filthy Money (watched 1/2 of 1 show; couldn't stomach it), Privileged (another dirty filthy rich show)...I mean, who makes up this stuff?

The stock market is a killer. I can't even fathom the depth of this disaster. I do feel helpless in the face of finance and trading and short selling I don't understand. I know three of our personal stocks have lost over 30% each. My two largest mutual funds are down 8% & 9% and I feel grateful but should probably sell out before they fall further. As a career woman in her fifties, I no longer have the luxury to wait this thing out.

I think I've addressed the current presidential campaign enough between my two blogs. It's becoming an obsession. Whenever I see the McCain/Palin ads, I wonder the same thing I wonder about the new tv season: "Who makes up this stuff?" Even worse to contemplate, "Who is swallowing it?"

As for Galveston, Texas and the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, my heart goes out to those people and my pocket book is open, once again, to the Red Cross. They give aid with no questions asked and are truly lifesavers when one is down and out. My husband and I know this first hand. But I'll save that for another post.


Anonymous said...

I wonder the same thing about the McCain ads when I see them. They sure as hell aren't fooling me, I just feel bad for the less educated American who is getting fooled by their campaign.

Lover of Life said...

I feel the same way! Do we start stocking up on canned goods?

I just found your another 50-something out there it is nice to find someone my age!

Lover of Life said...

I feel the same way about this stuff - glad to find your blog.


by Cole Scott