Friday, July 18, 2008

flickr Art

Key West by blinked & ski 9

This photo was taken in Key West on a mundane shopping street. As a member of flickr, the photographer put out a request to her group for some editing. She wanted someone to retouch the photograph, removing a new Coach store and making it more the old Key West of Hemingway. My husband volunteered. Using Photoshop, he added the bars, the ladies and a few other objects, taking a painterly approach. I thought it was an oil painting until he explained the methodology. I love the sharing and cooperation among flickr folk. Not only do they have awesome photos to post but they seem to really cooperate with one another and alot of learning occurs on that site because people are willing to share their techniques. I'm looking for a writing blog that does the same thing. Any suggestions?

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by Cole Scott