Thursday, July 31, 2008

Leavin' On A Jet I hope

Okay, I feel better about going now that the day is here. This refers to my last post lamenting the mixed feelings I have about going to my high school reunion, etc. Plus, we're having thunderstorms today and I leave out of Boston @ 5pm...or not. Ugh. I hate the airlines, the terminals, the HSA bullshit you have to go through every time you hit the security scanner section. I've had both hips replaced and that alarm goes off like I've hit the lottery. Only, the lottery is always a full body scan by some hapless TSA official who, once, when I was wearing an underwire bra, had to pat me down around the bra just to make sure I didn't have a concealed knife or who knows what up there. Learned an important lesson: if you don't want your boobs patted down by TSA, wear a bra w/o hardware.

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by Cole Scott